Here are just a few of things our customers are saying about us!

Manny Ghiselline ~ August 2020

"When I purchased my jeep (roughly a year ago) it was with the intention of building it to off-road, I didn’t have a clear vison in mind...

...After a few wheeling trips in the snow, rocks and some mud I was very impressed with the flex and handling off-road, the suspension absorbed all the imperfections in the road driving to and from the trail....

... Long story short, in my opinion the guys at bones custom have helped me get my project where I want, did I get upset and express my issues with bones here and there? Yes, but they were calm and talked me through what I wanted and what was realistic which I appreciate now. I have sent multiple friends to the shop with different build ideas ranging from a lifted daily driver, a lifted daily driver with some off-roading to extreme off-roading in all conditions and the team at bones assessed the needs of the customer and directed them the best route with what they wanted and their budget."

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