Detailed Testimonials

Manny Ghiselline ~ August 2020

My jeep build with bones custom review (in his own words!)

"When I purchased my jeep (roughly a year ago) it was with the intention of building it to off-road, I didn’t have a clear vison in mind but at that time I was thinking lifted jeep for light off-roading and weekend trips."

"So after researching I went with a teraflex 4.5 lift kit and I bought a winch. Shortly after I called bones and asked what they charged to install, well after talking with Chris and his knowledge that I could get a better lift that was stronger with axle re-enforcement for the almost the same price I returned the lift kit and went with bones 5.5’’ 3link kit to run 37s for now but with the ability to run 40s later (I’m glad I did this) so after having bones install the custom 3 link and re-enforcing my front dana 44 to handle the 37s I took it out on the trail."

"After a few wheeling trips in the snow, rocks and some mud I was very impressed with the flex and handling off-road, the suspension absorbed all the imperfections in the road driving to and from the trail. One time in particular that sold me on the kit was when we were at browns camp and came up on a tree stump, about knee to waist high. I planned to drive over the stump expecting to have to back down and go around it…..well the tire just kept flexing until it went over the stump and in my head I was thinking “that’s bad ass!” I was learning the limits of my jeep and the lift and suspension wasn’t one of them. Another thing I wanted to add was the build cost, yes it cost a lot initially but I told Chris I don’t want to spend money twice and after getting bones custom prices on parts and install vs. me finding parts and installing myself without a shop, lift and all the tools it was clear that having bones do the work was the cheaper route in the end for my goals. Also if anything went wrong they made it clear that they would warranty any work if it was installed improperly which was also a nice incentive."

"Skip to today, I just had bones put 40’s on my jeep due to HATING the tires I bought initially, which brings us back to why I’m glad bones built the jeep for 40s because we only have to make minor adjustments which saves me money. Since my axle is re-enforced it can handle the 40s which isn’t a tire size to take lightly, I’m also installing a RCV 35 spline chromolly axle shafts to handle the bigger tires and eliminate the u-joint. Long story short, in my opinion the guys at bones custom have helped me get my project where I want, did I get upset and express my issues with bones here and there? Yes, but they were calm and talked me through what I wanted and what was realistic which I appreciate now. I have sent multiple friends to the shop with different build ideas ranging from a lifted daily driver, a lifted daily driver with some off-roading to extreme off-roading in all conditions and the team at bones assessed the needs of the customer and directed them the best route with what they wanted and their budget."